Momentum Dynamics' Wireless Charging Solution Achieves CE Mark
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Momentum Dynamics' Wireless Charging Solution Achieves CE Mark

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High Power Wireless EV Charging now Available for Commercial Deployment Across Europe for all Vehicle Types 

MALVERN, Pa., April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Momentum Dynamics Corporation (Momentum) of Malvern, PA, a global leader of wireless charging for electric vehicles has issued a declaration of CE conformity for its 75 kilowatts (kW), 150 kW, and 300 kW charging solutions.  This is the first and only wireless EV charging solution to achieve this important designation for power levels in excess of 75kW.  

CE Marking indicates the company's technology and products comply with the European Union's directive and is required for products manufactured or sold in the European Economic Area.  Specifically, this declaration of conformity states that Momentum's solution meets the relevant harmonized performance and safety standards and will not endanger lives or property. 

To achieve the declaration the company's products had to undergo a stringent series of tests including environmental, efficiency, personal safety, structural integrity, and electro-magnetic emissions/immunity testing. 

"These tests and this certification are critically important given the rapid pace of advancement in the market for vehicle electrification in Europe and the rest of the world.  This is a breakthrough for automatic inductive charging as a commercial alternative to conductive EV charging that will accelerate the transition to fully electrified transportation and logistics," said Andy Daga, founder and CEO of Momentum.    

The company is preparing to launch fleets of wirelessly charged taxis with Jaguar Land Rover in Oslo, Norway this spring and with other major automakers, delivery vans, trucks, and buses later this year.  CE designation is a critical step in activating these networks and expanding the network of chargers throughout Europe.  

Momentum's system has been proven through years of service in the U.S. market with power levels of 50 kW to 300 kW and can scale to power levels more than 450 kW.  The company's solutions in the U.S. marketplace have been delivered under UL Field Certification since 2016. 

Wireless Charging Keeps Fleets MovingWireless charging for electric vehicles allows automatic charging during regular operation.  While in-service, such as during the loading of passengers or parcels, an equipped vehicle parks over charging pads that are embedded in the pavement or mounted on the floor of a garage.  The charging is automatic and requires no action or supervision by the driver who is free to continue primary duties such as vehicle loading or attending to passengers.  The system works in all weather and is unaffected by rain, ice, or snow.    

Automatic wireless charging also enables automated charging of the full range of autonomous vehicles including restricted fleets (logistics yards, vehicle depots, geofenced areas) and open road fleets (delivery, shared mobility, and passenger vehicles). 

About Momentum DynamicsMomentum Dynamics is a market-leading original technology developer of efficient, automatic, wireless charging systems for the automotive, transportation, and logistics industries with real-world technology in operation that proves the capability and need for fast, automated opportunity charging of electric vehicles.  

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