EZVIZ announces its global tree-planting project in partnership with Treedom, greening the planet with the purchase of its eco-friendly products
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EZVIZ announces its global tree-planting project in partnership with Treedom, greening the planet with the purchase of its eco-friendly products

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(Adnkronos) - With its first 3-year Global Forest Plan, EZVIZ strives to fulfill its commitment through product design choices as well as tangible actions that contribute to improving the planet 

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home technology, has consolidated its long-term

commitment to a greener future on World Environment Day 2023 by officially launching the EZVIZ Global Forest Plan. Teaming up with Treedom, the first tree-planting platform allows people to plant a tree remotely and follow the story of its project online. EZVIZ will plant thousands of trees globally over the next three years. The plan will impact countries including Thailand, Guatemala, Kenya and Ecuador, empowering farmers and enriching local biodiversity. This project draws from EZVIZ's "Green Fund," financed by the sales of EZVIZ's latest ecologically-minded innovations, including solar panels, solar-powered security cameras, and devices made with recycled materials. 

"As safety, smartness and sustainability contribute to the core conditions of a future-oriented EZVIZ Smart Home, we hope to help everyone live a better life with easier technology, and on a greener planet," said Sandra Zheng, global branding director of EZVIZ. "Projects like this allow EZVIZ to transform advocacy into actions." 

As part of the EZVIZ Green brand initiative, the EZVIZ Global Forest Plan is the company's first eco-friendly campaign to actively engage people and products, according to Zheng. On average, EZVIZ will grow two trees per day with eco experts and farmers, selecting tree species native to local environments and adaptable to climate change. As a transparent agro-forestry project, updates will be shared openly with images and information via EZVIZ's and Treedom's websites. 

More importantly, the EZVIZ Green initiative extends to reflect the company's dedication to building sustainable consumer technology. EZVIZ's Global Forest Plan is a prelude to the upcoming market launch of the company's first eco-friendly robot vacuum series, the RC and RE, as each robot is made in part with recycled plastics equivalent to 16 water bottles. EZVIZ also continues to improve hardware designs with fewer disposable parts, and supports longer product lifecycles with high-quality materials and reliable software updates. 

In addition to the fight against waste and pollution, EZVIZ has also made noticeable achievements in developing next-generation home security systems powered by green energy. Read more about EZVIZ Green on https://www.ezviz.com/page/ezviz-green. 

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2092561/EZVIZ_Green.jpg  

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