Eurofins Discovery Launches Human Immune Models for COVID-19 New Therapeutic Discovery or Repurposing
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Eurofins Discovery Launches Human Immune Models for COVID-19 New Therapeutic Discovery or Repurposing

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ST. CHARLES, Mo., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurofins Discovery, the market leader in pharmacology services and drug discovery products with over forty years providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, announces the launch of new services in support of clients working to address the immune consequences of SARS-CoV-2

and other infectious disease. Developed by Eurofins Discovery Phenotypic Center of Excellence, these human primary cell systems provide concept to clinic insights derived from evaluation of protein biomarkers specifically chosen for relevance to COVID-19.  

The unique co-culture models reflect the biology of stimulated T cell immune activation as occurs in three distinct tissue compartments: secondary lymph nodes (AdapT-B), systemic vasculature (AdapT-E), and peripheral stromal tissues (AdapT-F). With these models, clients will benefit from quantitative assessment of small molecule or biologic influence on 35+ clinically relevant protein biomarkers, including cell surface membrane receptors, chemokines, cytokines, and measures of cell health. The models serve a variety of program strategies from discovery to repurposing and from individual to combination therapies. 

The immune response is a central player in the recovery from, as well as exacerbation of, infectious disease. Human-centric, in vitro assays and physiological models that capture relevant immune responses are critical to advance treatments for the sequelae of viral infection. Eurofins Discovery appreciates the ongoing efforts of our clients in this space. 

The new models will be presented in a poster during the 2021 Drug Discovery Chemistry Virtual conference. A sample client report is available for download at adaptive-immune-response-models. 

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