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Place to Plug activates the latest technology in EV charging services: ad-hoc charging

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VALENCIA, Spain, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Place to Plug, the Spanish start-up that has revolutionised electric mobility with the most advanced electric vehicle charging stations management system on the market, reaches a new milestone as the first platform that guarantees access to ad-hoc charging for all EV drivers. 


Cester, COO of the company, highlights the relevance of this fact that allows compliance with European legislation regarding privacy in accessibility to charging stations, established in DIRECTIVE 2014/94/EU on the implementation of alternative fuels infrastructure. 

The electric vehicle is one of the most effective tools in this new era to start controlling CO2 emissions and other pollutants produced by transport activity - both public and private - and thus meet the goal of decarbonising the economy, the most important challenge facing us in the 21st century. 

"After all, the transport electrification is a key and fundamental element in achieving the stringent emission targets set by Europe and included in the European Climate Law," adds Josep Cester. 

To this end, Place to Plug has activated a new feature to provide users easy access to ad-hoc charging by scanning a QR code where the user can choose between three different registration options: download the app for free, login with an already registered user or continue as a guest user. 

This innovative Place to Plug method initiates the vehicle charging in private mode, by selecting the third option and adding the payment method, so that whenever the user wants to stop charging, can continue their journey without their details being viewed by a third party. 

Thanks to this improvement, the user has the possibility to perform an ad-hoc charge without the need to enter into a data transfer contract either with the charging point operator (CPO) or with Place to Plug as an e-mobility service provider (eMSP). 

With this new charging function, Place to Plug is therefore one step ahead among charging management companies, becoming a strategic player in the electric mobility revolution.