Midea launches Robot vacuum cleaner (RVC) Midea M7 Pro in Europe
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Midea launches Robot vacuum cleaner (RVC) Midea M7 Pro in Europe

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SHENZHEN, China, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 23, Midea launched its new product – Robot vacuum cleaner (RVC) Midea M7 Pro in international markets including Russia, Germany, France and Poland. Different from previous models in the market, M7 Pro will upgrade consumer experience with improved technology and

functions. After more than 10 years of engineering exploration and evolution of robot vacuum cleaner technology, Midea can now with no doubt present its excellent navigation system, high efficiency mopping mode and other enhanced functions in this newly-launched robot vacuum cleaner M7 Pro. 

Laser navigation and customized cleaning options 

Midea M7 Pro  adopts the latest 5th-generation laser-direct-structuring navigation technology. It scans the whole house at a 3000Hz frequency and constructs a cleaning map in MSmartLife[1] App. Compared with complex pairing of other products, Midea M7 Pro takes three-step Fast Pairing to connect with house network instantly. When the first scanning and mapping of the house is completed, the house layout will be displayed on App. Users are able to control the cleaning process according to their preference, such as watching the cleaning paths, setting virtual walls and banned areas, or choosing specific area/room for deep cleaning. Smart cleaning path algorithms have also improved, and each room can be cleaned with the optimal cleaning route. 

Laser detection can detect objects up to eight meters away, making it easy to handle large house cleaning. Consumers who heavily rely on digital products often suffer from "battery anxiety", while Midea M7 Pro can greatly relieve the concern with self-charging mode. It is equipped with 5200mAh battery, a large capacity that can support up to 3 hours[2] work within one charge, and it will go back to the charging station every time it has completed cleaning. Meanwhile if it detects battery power is low during cleaning, M7 Pro will go recharge itself and resume cleaning. The mobile app shows a yellow lightning icon that indicates the location of the charging station, so that the robot knows where to go when it needs charging. 

Midea M7 Pro is able to climb barriers as high as 2.2cm in the house. The threshold between the kitchen and the living room, or the small steps from the living room to the balcony can be easily crossed without anyway damage to the floors or robot itself. The 9.7cm slim design makes it convenient to clean under the sofa, bed, and coffee table. You will not need to bend down anymore and truly free their hands.  

High-frequency vibration mop to remove stubborn stains 

The biggest surprise of M7 Pro's upgrade to M7 is its powerful mopping ability. The newly-added high-frequency vibration mopping component can achieve 500 times/minute vibration, a process that imitates manual mopping with greatly improved performance of stain removal. Coffee stains, ketchup and other sticky stains can be easily removed. The mop is divided by a diagonal line between the left and right halves, and connected by elastic rubber band in the middle. Though the vibration of such high frequency is achieved, the overall robot body does not shake and still keeps running stably. When the silent mode is turned on, the robot operation will not affect daily work and learning[3]. It is less noisy than many other robots of similar types. Engineers and product managers are offering best solution to balance between high-speed vibration and stable robot operation to guarantee best user experience. At the same time, the ultra-large mopping cloth can clean more area at one time, bringing users higher cleaning efficiency with easy-to-see cleaning effect.  

The water tank of M7 Pro vibration mopping comes with a built-in motor, which automatically drives the mop to vibrate after easy installation. The water flow from the water tank can also be controlled by 3 levels according to user's demand, so there is no need to worry about the floor being too dry or too wet. After strong vibration wiping, it will not leave unsightly water stains like manual mopping. The floor mopped by Midea M7 Pro is so clean that even shines under sunshine or house light. The pleasant experience can never be better even for "neat freak". 

4000Pa high suction power motor: never let go of small garbage 

Midea M7 Pro adopts two brushes at both sides, which can gather more dust when cleaning. The floating roller brush at the bottom is also powerful. The suction mouth can be close to the ground without leaking a trace of wind pressure. With the NIEDEC motor imported from Japan that reaches as high suction power as 4000 pa (pascal) at a spinning speed of 20,000/min, the dust removal efficiency on hard floors can reach up to 94%[4]. Hair, dust, M&Ms or other garbage can be easily sucked and cleaned.  

The international version of Midea M7 Pro was released on May 23 in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Spain at the price €449.99[5]. With strong cleaning effect, high suction power and customized smart cleaning controls on MSmartLife App, Midea M7 Pro offers amazing customer experience at a friendly price. For large-sized households or consumers who frequently clean after the pandemic outbreak, a cleaning robot with strong cleaning performance is needed to refresh your home. Let robots do the housework, so people can enjoy themselves more on what they truly love.  

About Midea Group 

Midea Group is a Fortune 500 company, with robust business growth across multiple sectors. We believe in humanizing-technology, which means we provide customized solutions based on our deep understanding of human nature, enabled by the joint forces of 52 years manufacturing excellence and global leading robotic and automation technology. We go above and beyond to embrace the future, constantly exploring and inventing to meet the ever-changing demand of our customers and consumers. 

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