Eurelectric calls for an "Electrification Strategy" to win the Electric Decade
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Eurelectric calls for an "Electrification Strategy" to win the Electric Decade

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BRUSSELS, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The European Commission must urgently develop and implement an integrated "Electrification Strategy" to unlock the full potential of a major uptake of clean electricity. This is the call at the heart of Eurelectric's policy recommendations for an Electric Decade released today, together with an

analysis on the benefits resulting from mass electrification. 

The urgency is critical. Accelerated electrification is key to Europe's decarbonisation. By 2030, the European Commission predicts the share of electricity in final energy use to jump from 23% today to 30%, before reaching at least 50% in 2050. To deliver on this, determined policy action is needed. 

Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric said:  

"Electrification is critical for a successful, well-coordinated clean energy transition. We need an all-encompassing electrification strategy, which would effectively and optimally cut emissions from sectors that still rely on fossil fuels: transport, heating, and industries. Therefore, we call on the Commission to move forward and devise this Strategy in the context of the "Fit for 55" discussions."  

The Strategy we call upon should activate all key levers for electrification as follows: 

The 2020s are the Electric Decade - the ten years when electricity will shape new cross-industry ecosystems to deliver the energy transition. It leverages the power of modern, carbon neutral and electrified technologies that also reflect growing customer demand: e-mobility, electric heat pumps and renewable energy.   

Scaling electric technologies at speed will untap their full benefits, including: a decarbonised future thanks to greater system efficiency; better coordination between customers and suppliers; a greener economy with millions of new jobs; cleaner air and 24 bn euros savings in health benefits; a reduced reliance on oil and gas imports and 107bn euros savings  annually. 

Eurelectric represents the interests of the European electricity industry, promoting the benefits of electrification. It speaks for  3,500 companies active in power generation, distribution and supply, directly employing 970.000 people and having a €627bn turnover.  


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