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Fotric introduces the 320M/F and 340A handheld thermal camera

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SHANGHAI, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fotric produces highly innovative thermal imagers by combining components from world class manufacturers with designing insights from end users and field engineers. Today, we are proudly announcing the release of our latest handheld camera series: the 320M/F and the 340A. 

The Fotric 320M/F are

compact and rugged thermal cameras designed for industrial purposes. The android platform-based system grants users fluid operational experience. They also come with sophisticated analytical software such as the MagicThermal, which can enhance the visual representation of thermal distribution on a user-designated area. The seamless thermal/visual image fusion feature allows inspectors to identify and locate electric anomalies with ease. In short, the series encompasses every need of a basic thermal inspection. These cameras excel in building inspection, oil and gas industry, and electrical/motor system maintenance in manufacturing industry. 

The Fotric 340A are advanced thermal cameras designed for professional users. It's equipped with every function of 320M/F and much more. The high resolution of up to 640*480 combined with 5-inch LCD screen reveals even the most subtle details in crisp and vibrant thermal images. The laser ranger assisted ultra-focus system help inspectors thrive in heavy load assignments by taking high-quality, well-compensated images in lightning speed. What's more, the interchangeable lens option on these cameras makes them highly adaptable for demanding working environment. Finally, the devices can also record historic data of a device/system and perform trend analysis, thus determine if and when the monitored object requires maintenance or replacement. This series is designed for experienced users in more demanding industry, such as the electric utility industry, metallurgy, and Petro-chemical industry. 

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Media Contact: Celine, +86 15618512265 

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