New Ways to #ElectrifyYourLife: Yadea Shakes Up Electric Mobility Industry with Game-changing Innovations
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New Ways to #ElectrifyYourLife: Yadea Shakes Up Electric Mobility Industry with Game-changing Innovations

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SHANGHAI, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As more people around the world embrace alternative modes of transportation, Yadea, a leading brand in the electric two-wheeler industry, has unveiled a slew of exciting updates to its product range. The announcements were made at a recent press conference held on July 8 in Shanghai,


With slick new designs, robust power and energy systems, and innovative intelligence systems, Yadea's latest upgrades promise to elevate and transform the global layout of the industry. These announcements put Yadea well on track to usher in a new generation of electric scooters, and further realize the brand's "Electrify Your Life" vision. 

"Since our inception, Yadea has always been an e-mobility pioneer. From our extensive investment into R&D to our focus on product quality and design, we are truly committed to carving out a sustainable future with products that bring happiness, comfort and safety to drivers. We are thrilled to take the next step towards the Era of Green with these revolutionary advancements in our electric scooter range," said Aska Zeng, general manager of Yadea. 

Recognizing aesthetic appeal as an integral part of the overall driving experience, Yadea has consistently strived for excellence in design. During the press conference, the company officially revealed a new partnership with Studio F.A. Porsche — setting a new precedent for the electric vehicle industry to collaborate with the world's top industrial design companies. 

"With Studio F.A. Porsche and Yadea coming together, it's not just a design job. It's two companies coming together, sharing the same values and passion for design, and trying to take the next step forward. We are proud to partner with Yadea to shape the future of electric scooters," said Roland Heiler, managing director of Studio F.A. Porsche. 

At the event, Yadea also revealed its new self-developed mid-mounted motor equipped with a TTFAR carbon fiber lithium battery. A new urban energy ecosystem designed to make riding electric scooters even more convenient was showcased as well. With rapid fast-charging stations and a power swap station built in partnership with Gogoro, drivers can recharge their batteries on the go and go further with every ride. 

Beyond power and design, Yadea has unveiled new intelligent systems designed for a smarter, safer and more convenient driving experience. Leveraging its exclusive LTM tripartite Bluetooth technology, Yadea has connected the smartphone with the electric scooter system and helmet to realize the industry's first mobile "personal space". Supplemented with a large vehicle screen and a full-scenario intelligent voice assistant powered by AI, Yadea's new intelligent system minimizes riding noise while ensuring the utmost safety and convenience for drivers. Multiple smart unlock methods adopted by Yadea on the vehicles were introduced, including unlocking through NFC card swipe, app, Bluetooth, voice and fingerprint 

With its new developments and relentless pursuit of innovation, Yadea continues to be a pioneer in the electric mobility industry. By bringing a holistic approach to exploration in all facets from design to power and intelligence, Yadea continues to carve new roads forward as it continues fulfilling its "electrify your life" vision. 

About Yadea 

Yadea is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electric two-wheel vehicles including electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles and electric kick scooters. Yadea's mission is to use its market leadership to inspire a movement towards greener travel solutions and its vision is to create world-leading electric vehicle solutions by building innovative technologies that meet and exceed international standards for safety and quality. 

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