TOJOY Founder Lu Junqing: Thirty Years of Climbing the Hill with TOJOY
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TOJOY Founder Lu Junqing: Thirty Years of Climbing the Hill with TOJOY

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BEIJING, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 18, TOJOY's thirtieth anniversary celebration was held on the company's TOJOY Boss Cloud app. More than 80,000 attendees including employees, family members, and business partners attended. The event reviewed the Chinese business accelerator's first thirty years and summarized an optimistic view

of the future. 

TOJOY founder and chairman of the board Lu Junqing gave the keynote speech at the event, saying that the company's first thirty years was in many ways like pushing a ball up a hill. 

"In such a case, if you're not moving forward, you're going backward," said Lu. "Today TOJOY has finally passed the slope and arrived at a flat plane of sustained and rapid growth." 

Lu credits much of TOJOY's success to its continuous innovation and prioritization of employee and partner satisfaction. Lu spoke optimistically of the bright future that TOJOY's ambition and integrity have created. 

TOJOY Global CEO Ge Jun also delivered a speech titled "Exceeding Our Very Best and Striving for New Heights". Ge spoke of how in the coming years TOJOY would continue to connect innovative enterprises, create social value, and expand the "Great Sharing Economy". In this platform-enabled system, tangible and intangible business resources alike can be shared freely between business partners and platform users, including capital, operations partnerships, networks, and other assets. 

President of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Li Zibin expressed his appreciation for TOJOY's contributions to the economy, saying "TOJOY has helped a number of innovative enterprises to explore new markets and maintain steady growth." These comments were echoed by TOJOY partners, including TOJOY senior partner Sun Tali, who noted the company's positive effect on social issues. 

According to TOJOY, much of the economic and social benefit the company creates comes from its Great Sharing model, through which innovative and traditional companies are connected to share the various resources that empower their companies. To date TOJOY has helped more than 300 innovative companies to accelerate via this platform, including AI, big data, IoT, blockchain, and e-commerce companies. Additionally, over 12,000 traditional enterprises have leveraged the TOJOY platform to access upgrades to their tech and business models in order to better compete in the new economic landscape. 

Recently TOJOY partnered with Hurun to launch the 2021 Chinese Gazelle and Future Unicorn Enterprise Lists. The organizations plan to together identify and incubate the next generation of innovative Chinese companies, and as a result, spur the development of related economic cottage industries throughout China. 

TOJOY is committed to empowering the next wave of Chinese and global companies to grow to new heights via its Great Sharing model. The company is confident that its Great Sharing platform will further inspire and empower an entrepreneurial acceleration ecosystem for Chinese and global companies to engage in win-win development. 

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