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IDEA Pharma and Protodigm Expand and Strengthen Team with Accomplished Industry Experts

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LONDON, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IDEA Pharma, the leading biopharma Path to Market Strategy practice, is excited to announce the appointments of industry experts, Dr. Jonathan Lee, Jeff Waldron, and Sayak 'Sy' Mukherjee to their team. New team members, Dr. Lee and Waldron will be advising IDEA Pharma in early phase path to market

strategies, while Mukherjee will assist IDEA and its sister company, Protodigm, a first-of-its-kind contract life sciences skunkworks company, offering its clients research, innovation, and a universe of possibilities in which a drug could be brought to market.  

Sy Mukherjee comes from a pharma industry writing background, having worked at Fortune & Biopharma Dive previously, with a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth. Mukherjee will be instrumental to assisting IDEA Pharma and Protodigm CEO, Mike Rea, launch special projects. 

"I am looking forward to working with Mike and the teams at IDEA and Protodigm, and help communicate this breakthrough thinking," said Mukherjee, Communications Architect, IDEA Pharma. "Drawing inspiration from my experience in biotech reporting, I am keen to bring IDEA and Protodigm's revolutionary concepts not only to our client projects, but to the eyes and ears of the Biopharma industry."  

Dr. Jonathan Lee most recently completed his MBA from the Said Business School in Oxford and earned his doctorate in physiotherapy from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He will be joining the team as a medical strategy consultant lending both his medical and business expertise to client projects.  

"IDEA Pharma is making leaps in innovative drug candidate development and early positioning. I am excited to immerse myself in this process of new age biotech transformation," said Dr. Lee, Medical Strategist, IDEA Pharma.  

Jeff Waldron has strong corporate strategy qualifications with a Wharton MBA in strategy and will be crucial to IDEA in managing client relationships and implementing business development strategies. He brings cross-functional industry experience and built a global network of healthcare collaborators across all silos of the industry, including a multitude of pharma firms.  

"In my career, I have been known to build bridges to foster collaboration and scientific advancement," said Waldron. "I look forward to continuing to bring people with big ideas together and nurture new relationships that will change medicine at IDEA Pharma." 

Mike Rea, CEO, IDEA Pharma and Protodigm added, "Our goal is to bring a special magic to our client's challenges – it's a different discipline than companies have been used to. These recent hires can harness deep experience but bring the disciplined creativity that early phase has been lacking." 

About IDEA Pharma: 

Through knowledge, insight, and uncommon creativity, we unlock the potential of every molecule, inspiring and empowering the pharma industry to deliver medicines that make a difference. We work with clients early in the lifecycle, crafting a strategy that helps every molecule reach its potential. It's what we do best. And there's nobody that does it quite like us. For further information, please visit our website or join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

About Protodigm: 

Protodigm is a contract skunkworks company providing its clients an investigational body to invent and innovate new assets. Protodigm applies skunkworks techniques to drug development giving its clients all possible development options by generating hypotheses and supporting evidence. This approach breaks the industry mold because drug development is too often a high-risk, single-track process. If an asset fails, it can be devastating. With a skunkworks approach, assets can be developed with multiple parallel options in addition to its initially intended use, de-risking innovation, saving time, money, and effort. 

Learn more about Protodigm at 

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