Maypharm Launches New PLA meNnus for Collagen Regeneration
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Maypharm Launches New PLA meNnus for Collagen Regeneration

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SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Maypharm Co., Ltd is excited to announce the launch of a new PLA meNnus (200mg/vial), which is available at Maypharm website & wholesale.  

MENNUS is a new combination of mesotherapy and biotechnology directed to fill shelves of professional cosmetics. Main power of

effect is coming from ingredients: Poly D, L-lactic Acid (PLA) maintained with Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), in cooperation, both give the longest collagen regeneration that lasts up to 18-24 months. CMC gel immediately fills dermis with insufficient volume, providing PLA new cells to create more collagen than before.  

Compared to general PLA HA, meNnus has a perfect spherical particle shape and is more convenient with injection. Additionally, thanks to freeze-drying technology through suspension the treatment time applying meNnus is reduced in times. Fast melting materials of meNnus PLA provide an easy penetration through, without any needle blockage. The constant shape of spherical particles creates stable volume between skin layers in post-treatment effect.  

Since the main target of Maypharm products (Metoofill, Metox, Sedyfill, Hairna Exosome hair and scalp solution) is creating natural beauty, meNnus PLA is a long-term Neocollagenesis product maintaining natural skin tissue volume using biodegradable (absorbable) materials. PLA (PolyLacticAcid) used in Maypharm's meNnus PLA production is widely used as a raw material for food and medicine due to Fast Decomposition speed, Eco-Friendly Materials and Proven Safety, all in combination making menNus safe and highly effective in use.    

May Pharm Co Ltd makes a priority to develop all own-made products for health and beauty using best quality materials and bringing in new technology for the higher effect. According to clinical trials, meNnus has shown impressive results in simultaneous improvement of wrinkles and volumization by creating collagen in lost skin tissue through active structural proteins. 

Maypharm is well recognized as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier around the world, mainly in Mainland China, US, Middle East, Western Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines) and Europe, particularly, in UK, Russia and Spain market. May Pharm Co., Ltd's export sales have increased on 38% since the last product launch of Metox, and now it is focusing on long term wholesale business partnership for menNus to provide the best business conditions to facilitate visible success of its exclusive partners in a competitive environment.  

Maypharm's menNus in Times Square, NY  

Visit a website for a detailed information:  

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