Transpara® Breast Care AI to help radiologists in Denmark reduce Covid screening backlog
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Transpara® Breast Care AI to help radiologists in Denmark reduce Covid screening backlog

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NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Breast Screening Programme for the Copenhagen region, the largest region in Denmark, is installing Transpara Breast Care AI from ScreenPoint Medical to help assess mammograms of 80,000 women every year. 

Denmark, along with many other countries, has a shortage of specialist

breast radiologists and combined with Covid delays, this has prevented patients receiving their results within the normal two week timescale. 

Copenhagen region doctors have been trialling Transpara AI for a year. 

Transpara assesses each mammogram (two for each patient) and produces a risk score from one to 10. A high score shows a high risk of a cancer being present. Mammograms are usually read by two radiologists but by using AI to identify those with low risk, this can release one radiologist to concentrate on those marked high risk. 

This is the first time that AI is accepted for use in a national breast screening programme in Europe as the Copenhagen region look to use AI to help safely reduce workload by around 25% by eliminating the need for very low risk exams to be double read.   

Professor Nico Karssemeijer, Chief Executive Officer of ScreenPoint Medical, who developed Transpara AI said the integration of Transpara AI with the Copenhagen public screening programme was a first in Europe. 

"With a shortage of breast radiologists around the world and an increasing number of cancers, as well as delays caused by Covid, using Transpara AI provides not only a 'second pair of eyes' but also decision support for radiologists. It helps them provide a world class standard of care that every woman needs and deserves." 

The leading distributor of AI in Scandinavia, Human Bytes ApS, analysed the problems facing the Screening Programme and identified Transpara from ScreenPoint Medical as the most suitable AI tool for the Copenhagen Region. 

Ulrik Rokkedal Therkildsen, Partnership Director from Human Bytes said: "We are delighted to bring this world leading, clinically proven Transpara AI system to work with the Copenhagen Breast Screening Programme. Transpara allows the safe reduction of workload and can detect cancers faster and earlier and with confidence. " 

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