Risen Energy signs contracts to supply over 2GW solar modules with high strength alloy steel frame
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Risen Energy signs contracts to supply over 2GW solar modules with high strength alloy steel frame

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(Adnkronos) - NINGBO, China, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese solar module manufacturer Risen Energy Co., Ltd. recently announced that the company has signed contracts to supply 2GW 210 series solar modules with high strength alloy steel frame to projects across Spain as well as in Hainan and Guangxi provinces following the launch of the

modules in November 2021, with shipments to date exceeding 300MW.  

The use of the high strength alloy steel frame technology that reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption reflects Risen Energy's efforts to contribute to the low-carbon transition in the era of carbon neutrality. It also demonstrates the firm's new approach to responding to the global call for achieving carbon neutrality, optimizing carbon emissions across the product life cycle, developing innovative technologies that lower energy consumption in production, and contributing to the renewable energy sector's energy conservation and emission reduction goals. In particular, with the steel frame that offers superior tear resistance, high strength and high rigidity, the module not only enhances stability, but also leverages the self-healing zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance and helps to deliver outstanding comprehensive performance even in harsh environments. Currently, Risen Energy's steel frame modules have become the preferred choice for the company's customers. 

Risen Energy's products that employ the advanced steel frame technology now include the TITAN and NewT@N series modules as well as the heterojunction product called Hyper-ion that was launched at the end of March. Going forward, the company plans to continue optimizing the carbon footprint of its high-efficiency modules, delivering an outstanding experience to customers so that they, too, can participate in the reduction of carbon emissions. 


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