Hiconics Eco-energy Showcased Latest Energy Storage Products at EES Europe 2022
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Hiconics Eco-energy Showcased Latest Energy Storage Products at EES Europe 2022

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(Adnkronos) - MUNICH, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hiconics Eco-energy, a flagship green energy brand under Midea Group's Industrial Technology Business Group, showcased its HEC-S home storage system at EES Europe 2022. The smart, flexible, safe and reliable residential energy storage solution system shows Midea Group's continuous

commitment to integrating green and low-carbon technologies into their product. 

HEC-S is a plug-and-play system that offers families a new alternative that is efficient, safe and simple to use. It has a standby self-consumption power of ≤2W, with a maximum efficiency of 97% and a maximum access PV charge of 6.5kW. It also has an expandable battery up to 20 kWh and an integrated UPS, which provides an uninterrupted power supply for a period during power outages. In addition, HEC-S can be charged or discharged ten thousand times and can be used at an altitude of up to 2500m. It is IP65 protection level, can be installed outdoors and is safe and reliable. With a low operating noise of ≤24 decibels, HEC-S provides a quieter environment for your family. HEC-S also supports power internet applications, allowing system status to be monitored anytime, anywhere over a global cloud platform/smart control app in the future. 

According to a study by IHS, the cumulative installed capacity of residential energy storage worldwide is estimated to reach 24.95 GWh by 2025, creating a market of $49.85 billion. HEC-S offers residential customers a more flexible, weather-independent energy management system. For example, HEC-S increases the efficiency of its photovoltaic self-consumption rate from 20% to 80%, enhances the convenience and reliability of photovoltaic with the "on/off switching" function and is in-built with core accessories such as inverter, battery and BMS that are superior. In addition, HEC-S has three modes of operation to meet the different needs and preferences of users, namely "Feed-in Priority" mode, "Self-Use" mode and "Grid access" mode. 

About Midea Industrial Technology 

Midea Industrial Technology creates a better life for billions of end users worldwide with its green, efficient and intelligent products and technologies together with its other brands, including GMCC, Welling, Hiconics, Sunye, Servotronix, Dorna, MR, Mikon, Toshiba and Motivona. To date, Midea Industrial Technology has a total of 27 R&D centers worldwide and continues to invest in core and cutting-edge technologies for high-precision products such as compressors, motors, chips, reducers, electronic expansion valves, auto parts, converters, servo systems and heat dissipation components. 

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