Impact Minds: Standing Together, the Latimpacto event that focuses on promoting more social and environmental investment in Latin America
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Impact Minds: Standing Together, the Latimpacto event that focuses on promoting more social and environmental investment in Latin America

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(Adnkronos) - BOGOTÁ, Colombia, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Impact Minds: Standing Together included the participation of actors such as Larry Sacks, Mission Director at USAID Colombia; Juan Carlos Mora, president of Bancolombia; and Sandra Breka, CEO of Bosch Foundation. Drawing from their leadership roles, they inspired more

than 350 participants from 25 countries representing Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, including organizations such as impact funds, foundations, family offices, corporations, among others. 

"This conference is the first of its type in Latin America. It was designed for these investors to connect with the reality of our cities and make progress in the creation of new partnerships. Latimpacto promotes more knowledge and connections in order to obtain better results by being more rigorous when investing, managing, measuring, and providing non-financial support," says Carolina Suárez, CEO of Latimpacto. 

During the 3 and a half days of the event, participants visited more than 10 social and environmental projects. During the conferences, we delved into the factors that make Latin America fertile ground for impact investment: 11 sharing collectives on migration, gender, climate action, early childhood, and social-impact measurement; 7 workshops on impact investment and blended finance; 1 demo live with 11 presentations on education, ecosystem-development, and rural-development initiatives; and the launch of the report on climate and conservation. 

Sandra Breka, CEO of Bosch Foundation, states that "in Europe there is not much knowledge about Latin America, and therefore, there is not a correct level of commitment. It is important to have a community of support in Latin America that gives us the right knowledge." 

The newly established connections are expected to bear fruit in the next few months, supported by the Latimpacto team, operating in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.. 

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About LatimpactoOrganization that maximizes the impact of investments and initiatives in Latin America by means of collaboration between actors and financial instruments. Latimpacto leverages the knowledge of its sister networks with more than 17 years of experience and close to 1300 members investing in Europe (EVPA), Asia (AVPN), and Africa (AVPA). 


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